ASL Tutoring Available – private or in groups – all levels – sign/song – interpreter training – classes – contact me through a comment here.

Sign/song shows – Comedy ASL CODA  shows – and benefit shows.

Go see two new ASL movies, Black Sand and Gerald. They were great, I saw them both on 10/24/10. I saw them showing at CSDR. There is footage of my dad’s old school, CSD (Berkeley) in the movie Gerald. Very cool!  Look up two movies in Google and find out the next showing near you or check out

Sign With Us – beginning sign language book – first book starring deaf children – get one or more at only $11.99, cheap. Oh did I forget to mention, I co-wrote a beginning sign language book? Did I also forget to mention I have deaf twins in college, who were valedictorian and salutatorian at their graduation (proud dad)?

Interpret weddings and receptions. CODA – native signer. – contact dan here at this blog by leaving a comment. I check it everyday.

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