About Dan and his blog

This is my blog for going green. It starts out with my solar panel installation in August, 2010. Then it moves on to how it is going going solar and other green projects.

Dan is a school teacher for the Deaf 35 years. He is a CODA, which means he is a Child of Deaf Adults, though he is not a child anymore. His parents are Deaf and his twin daughters are Deaf too. They attend universities back East and are doing well as soon to be Seniors. They graduated from high school with honors as valedictorian and salutatorian at the same graduation. Dan loves solar and going green and is doing his small part to help the planet.

Brittany was recently selected as one of the top 20 finalists for the Convo photo contest on Green and Communication. See her entries at brittanycastle.com

My other blogs are at





1 Response to About Dan and his blog

  1. Carolyn Spier says:

    Please tell me where you live.
    I read in one post that your electricity production had fallen. You were going to try washing the panels. Did you do that, and did it restore the production rate? How did you wash them? Is a simple hosing off sufficient?

    It rained so I didn’t have to. I have used a hose before, it usually leaves a residue of a fine film of dirt. The rain is best. Production did improve.

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