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In memory of Steve Jobs

Without many of his innovations we might still be using text-based computers with no graphical user interface, or clunky phones, or clunky operating systems. In memory of a great innovator, Steve, we will miss you.

Someone on the radio said yesterday, name another tablet other than the iPad, most could not answer, name another mp3 player other than the iPod, most could not answer that either. Steve and his team at Apple were great innovators. Lets hope the innovations continue.

I met Steve Jobs years ago in San Francisco. He was very focused and centered on his business. Wozniak on the other hand, gave me a big hug and was jovial and ready to take photos with everyone present.

Thanks Steve, RIP



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  1. What life didn’t Steven Jobs life not touch, it is epic to be a movement that people don’t even understand how deep one goes. Cheers to your Ascension, have fun in the next veil.

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