Why do a solar panel lease now?

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Someone asked me again how long solar panels last. Like I tell them my friend in Arizona is still using his panels and they are over 35 years old. They still provide electricity for his home. Cool, huh?

Also with a lease, after the lease is up, you can get a new lease with brand new panels that are using the newest technology with the same company. Or you can have them removed and get into something totally different. Who knows what is out there.

Another person said they would wait. Wait for what? The longer you wait the longer you don’t make a profit. Let’s say you wait a year. If you would have saved $1000 the first year that is 1000 dollars you didn’t get to enjoy, still paying the high electric bills. If you wait two years that is $2000 that you basically lost. That could have paid for a lot of electricity, investments, or fun. If you need them now, get them now. Yes the technology is changing, but not that fast.

Or you could wait to buy a home that has solar built on but then you are waiting to buy a house and in the meantime you could be saving money and then add the solar lease to the present home sale agreement. Or payoff the solar and add it to the price of the house. You know a solar home will sell faster than a non-solar home.

Also, with a solar lease the company guarantees how much electricity you will make. And if you don’t make it they have to pay the difference. That is cool too. With a solar lease if the system gets damaged, they take care of it.

Well, enough for now. If you want to get the free iPad2 and the $500 bonus, put in my referral number 27596 after you put in your information for the iQuote. They do everything over the internet (email) and you can get a quote in 24 hours.

One of my new friends down Temecula way is getting her system installed today. Congrats Sandy. Have fun going green. Lets hope she takes some photos and sends them up to me to add to the blog.


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