So. Cal. Edison Rate Hikes?


Sungevity locks in a 2.9% rate hike each year which if you research the other companies their rate hikes are much higher. One larger solar panel leasing/purchase company that interested me, before I picked Sungevity had a 4.7% rate increase each year. Another one was at 3.5%.

The predicted rate hike for Edison was 5% each year. I am in Tier one each month, while before solar I was in tier 3 or 4 each month. That means instead of a 12 cent per unit rate it would go up to 25 cents or more. I am saving so much.

Here is a letter I received today from a Sungevity advocate.


Gotta love SoCal Edison…our 2.9% escalator looks pretty nice now

If approved, monthly electricity bills would jump about 9.1% for the average residential customer, who uses 600 kilowatt-hours of power a month. Low-usage customers — below 300 kilowatt hours — would see rates climb about 5.9%, while customers who use 900 kilowatt-hours or more would see their bills increase 11.1%.

At a time when Californians are struggling in a weak economy, Edison’s request reflects “a stunning display of tone-deafness,” the Utility Reform Network said. The San Francisco consumer group said Edison was putting its hand out as “nearly every other state business and resident [is seeking] ways to tighten their financial belts.”



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1 Response to So. Cal. Edison Rate Hikes?

  1. Robert Hill says:

    A letter I received from SCE stated the rate hike was because of a number of things but in the list of reasons was to cover losses in their retirement fund caused by losses in the stock market.
    So we are paying for their bad investments!!!

    Glad I went solar. I am now always in tier 1.


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