Free iPad with installation ends 6/30/11

Today is another day to appreciate and be grateful for my solar panels and all the money they have saved me over the last 9 months. I met with my plumber yesterday and he wants solar, but his electric bill is under $100 a month. Right now it doesn’t make sense for him to go solar because the lease payment would put him over what he is paying now for electric and the lease, maybe $125 a month. Now in a few years when his electric bill is higher due to inflation in electric rates, it will make sense. My friend Robert’s bill was $100 per month and his new solar lease and electric bills put him at zero bill. So you can see there is a point where it makes sense. Now for those who purchase it takes longer to recover the investment of the loan, but it is not impossible. For those of you with higher than $100 a month in electric bills on the average over the year, now is a good time to go with solar panel leasing or purchase. Try and iQuote from Sungevity and check out all the other solar companies too and see what fits best for you. If you put in my referral number 27596 you can get a free iPad with your lease installation or a $500 Amex card. The iPad deal ends 6/30/11 so hurry up!

Here is my solar panel output results for 6/24/11.

About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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