Riverside — Solar Lease???

Well, it still seems in my opinion, that Riverside is the only city in California that does not cater to solar leasing. When I had emailed the city about it a while back they sent names of 3 companies, one didn’t lease they said, the other had a bad phone number and the third would rather not.

So, all my friends in Riverside who do not want to purchase a solar panel system, but want a lease have asked me to ask you again. Why can’t they get a lease from a large company like Sungevity or one of their competitors, such as Solar City or Sunrun?

Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe Danny Kennedy can bring a GreenPeace ship near Riverside and wake them up. Smile!

I will contact them again via email and see what comes up this time. Maybe it has improved since then. Meanwhile all my friends who don’t want to borrow money are waiting patiently to put solar on their homes in Riverside. My friends elsewhere are happy to get a solar lease.

Here are the graphs for 4/30/11 and the April totals, missed 600 kWh by 7 kWh. Maybe May will be the month. Oh you can see that I am at over 2000 kWh in 4 months. Very cool! Another big number was 26.5 kWh in one day. My panels are getting better all the time.

About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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