Solar friends and Deaf Conference

Hi all, today I was at a Teacher of the Deaf conference and I met another teacher with solar panels on his home. He purchased his 8 years ago and has 76 panels of 185 w size. Wow! He makes more than he needs and has had no electric bills for that whole time. Way to go! We chatted about solar and I turned him onto my blog and other blog sites, such as and One is on sign language and the other is on equal access and other topics related to fairness. It is great to know there are more solar people out there helping themselves, the country and the planet. Shine on!

I gave my blog address to a few others who were curious on what I was doing lately and it was great seeing long time friends after so many years. Good to see you all. In life it is your friends that are most important not how much money you have.

We also talked about the new iPad 2 and FaceTime. Many were planning on buying one so they could chat in sign language via FaceTime or Skype, or other conferencing programs with their friends and family. I am excited to move up so I can chat with my daughters back East. I too will be selling my ipad soon and getting the new iPad 2.

Have a good weekend.


About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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