Solar Seminar #1 a success!

One down and many more to go. Helping the planet one by one. It was a good seminar and everyone was excited about what they had learned. The attendees took the information in had and would research it more at home. We told them to compare with other companies and they will see that Sungevity still has the best program, the best prices, the easiest, and most efficient, with great customer service. They seemed  excited about going home and comparing various companies and doing an iQuote when they are ready to find out the specifics in pricing for the lease or purchase.

One person took advantage of the ASL interpreter and I thank the interpreter for helping out. I could of signed for myself, but it gave her a chance to gain interpreting internship credit.

One person did sign up for an iQuote last night. It was a successful seminar and more to come. Probably, mid-April for Yorba Linda and June for Palm Desert.

Here is my graph for February. One day left. I almost made 500 kWh, too many rainy days. We like rain here since we get only 14 inches a year. It is good when it does rain and it does clean off my solar panels. Los Angeles had snow yesterday! Forest Falls had a foot, Lake Arrowhead had two feet or more, along with Crestline and Big Bear. Check out the web cams for those areas online you will see. Or go to and look for the gallery of photos. Even Burbank had an inch of snow.


About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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