Banned – Go figure!

Well, I posted about my upcoming seminar in Temecula and that I liked my solar panel system lease at Later in the day, I was banned from the forum for spamming. Go figure. I was not allowed to respond to any comments from Russ from Turkey and so goes another one-sided forum. If you see my posts feel free to support my point of view or not. I am a school teacher and not a spammer or scammer. I just want to promote solar around the planet.

The same as I did in 1986 when, working with a developer and other agencies, the developer agreed to put solar on all the apartments and the pools in the project. After working with the developer for a year to create a very futuristic project of 10,000 homes, the city nixed the deal because they were not part of it. How dumb. Now the city would be in the forefront if they had been more open-minded.

So, the above story is just an example of how I have always worked towards making this planet a better place to live in without any profit motive.

Just as I donated $3000 to the local school to help their science fair and other projects.

Too bad one forum coordinator couldn’t ask me first what was going on before turning off my access. Oh well. I move onto the the next place to create a better world. And if you are in Temecula on 2/26/11 stop by and enjoy the videos and photos of various solar projects. Remember it is buy or lease not just a lease promotion. If you live in Riverside, the deal of buying after the Riverside rebates is amazing. Check into it. Go solar!

About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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