Solar and leaks

When it rained for six days and my dining room was all wet, a call to my Sungevity rep and within 30 minutes they were here with a roofer to check it all out. Nobody knew if it was a pipe leak, the solar installation or underground. The water flooding company wanted $500 to get started taking care of the wet carpets. Sungevity found a leak running down a pipe in the attic and took photos of everything. Up on the roof a vent that had not been resealed since I bought the house was the culprit. I was happy to have found out what the leak was and when Sungevity came back into the house they told me they had fixed the vent leak.

I plan on calling the roofers who re-roofed my home some years back and ask why didn’t they seal all the old vents while they were up there. For the price of a new roof you think they would.

I thank Sungevity for their quick response and free repair of something that was not their problem. If you go with them I am sure you will get the same fine service that I have received.

I will show photos of the leak when I get them. Thanks, Justin for taking care of for me and to PPG for fixing it all up.

The carpets were not that damaged since it was a small leak, and we got to it quickly on our own. I am glad I didn’t hire the 500 dollar guys.

About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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