Too much rain here in Southern California

Five days of rain and who’s counting. Today makes day six. Most rain in Southern California in 89 years they said on the radio. I believe it. Everyone’s back yards are lakes. People’s pools are overflowing. Drain lines will become something we actually have to install soon. At least my solar keeps making electricity and the solar footings don’t have any leaks. Good job, Sungevity and PPG.

Hopefully, today is the last day of rain for a few days. I can get my backyard drainage in order and fix the leak in the sink. Water, water, water. Maybe I can put in a dam and generate some electricity that way. Smile.

I thought I had a leak from the solar footings and Sungevity and PPG were here within an hour checking it out and taking pictures. As luck would have it, it was an old vent that never got resealed properly when the new roof went in and it leaked down the wall into the dining room. Oh boy another leak. Sungevity and PPG sealed it up for me for free, two great companies.  Justin Cox was here and two more from PPG, one was a roofer too. Justin is even emailing the photos he took of the culprit.

They saved me a lot of money and more damage. Now that the leak has stopped, I get to take care of the rest myself.  So today we get to dry all that up.

PPG is Progressive Power Group in Garden Grove, they are a local solar installation company. Sungevity finds super professional companies to install the solar for them and PPG is one great company. You can see photos of them back in the August 19th-25th blog photos here at

Have a good week.

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