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Here are a few iPad (or iPhone, iPod) apps that are listed under “solar.” I have not downloaded any of them yet, but plan to after I get done writing this blog. The photo below is from AppShopper, my favorite iPad app. Prices for iPad apps go up and down often, sometimes daily. It is like buying stock. So AppShopper lets me know if they price has dropped or gone up each time I check it out, which is daily. Sungevity will have an app for us by March they say. Lets hope so. Right now I have 238 apps on my iPad some are great and some I plan to delete soon. Right now the family is playing with it because the apps are so much bigger on the iPad than on an iPhone.

My daughter’s boy friend has an iPhone and she has an iPod Touch. The iPhones are at a discounted monthly rate since he cannot hear to use the voice phone part so he saves 30 dollars per month off the monthly fee. I have many Deaf friends with iPhones. They like all the apps, just like I do.

Have a Merry and a Happy or as in ASL, MCHNY.

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