Business Week and PBS

Image by bluekdesign via Flickr

I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago, Bloomberg Business Week magazine interviewed me for an upcoming article about Sungevity and the White House going solar. Cool huh? I don’t know when it will come out, but I will let you know.

Yesterday, Victoria from George Washington University interviewed me for an upcoming web article, webcast or PBS (Public Broadcasting System) show on “Sungevity.”

Considering English is my second language, it is interesting to give interviews on the phone. I keep thinking in sign language. Smile.

Years ago when I was setting up the first networked computer lab at the deaf school, interviews were a common occurence, TV shows, Channel 5, 9, 11, etc. Then again for my sign language book, Sign With Us, (available at or here at this blog), my daughters were on TV showing off the book they star in.

Interviews are part of my life, I guess.

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