Just got a call from Justin Bieber…

Oh, did I do a typo for ratings? Did Justin Bieber call me about going solar? Just kidding.

Justin Cox, my Sungevity Technical Account Representative, called today to make an appointment to visit my home tomorrow for the Quality Assurance evaluation. Cool! Part of the Sungevity installation involves a complete two-hour evaluation of the installation of my solar panel system, to make sure it is up to their specifications. It is also to make sure they can guarantee that my system is making the electricity as planned. On my blog on October 20th, I talked about Justin Cox and how he won the Solar Works for America award. I included a photo of him that I had taken of him back in August when the installation was beginning.

Justin said he would take photos of all aspects of the job and then interview me on any questions I might have about the system, making sure that I am completely satisfied with the solar system and its production.

I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

Here is Justin’s photo again if you missed it on Oct. 20th and back in August. Justin’s car is pictured below also, not Bieber’s car, Justin Cox’s car. Smile.

About dansolar

Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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