Back to sunny days…

Yesterday’s graphs, one for the day, October 8th and the other of the month so far. It is easy to see which days were sunny and cloudy. The system made almost 22 kWh yesterday, not bad for October. Hope you all are enjoying your solar systems as much as I do mine. And for those of you without a system, investigate in your area for purchase or lease, maybe something will fit your budget. If you are in California, Arizona or Colorado, I suggest your try an iQuote with Sungevity because the short 10 year lease and the no down payments and the best and quick service. Some of the other companies have 15 or 18 year leases, too long, or they have higher percentages on yearly price increases. Do put in my referral number 27596 so you can get an extra 500 dollars back.

Spreading solar energy around the world…

Have you seen that Sungevity offered the world leaders free solar for their homes? The leader of the Maldives took them up on it, see the link to that and finally Pres. Obama will go to bid for a system for the White House.

Maldives goes solar

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