Sad to say it is true!

As I find out more I will fill in the gaps. It seems the major city near me does not allow solar leasing. The city requires that all rebates be filed by the customer and all rebates given to the customer. So if a leasing company normally does all the paperwork and gets the rebates as part of the lower lease payment and low-cost in total on the panels, they can’t do it in the city near my location. I will call the city about it this week. My friend has tried calling the city a few times but gets stuck in the “holding” situation. I will see if I fare much better.

I understand the city, not yet mentioned due to making sure my facts are correct, has a point to offer large rebates for solar, but I still feel if the customer wants to get a lease they should find a way for that to work for them. Not everyone wants to borrow money, especially now days. They are not opening up their city for more people going solar. This option, allowed in most places, gives people freedom to choose to buy or to lease just like a car. More later…


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Teacher of the Deaf 35 years Solar supporter since 1970. Solar panel system owner since August, 2010
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